Many attractive offers found online are unable to fulfill what they promise. Translations generated automatically by translation tools cannot ensure the same quality of work that is provided specialists translating in their own field.

SWS Sprachendienst deals with translation projects for corporate as well as private customers. We will gladly assist you to realize your language projects: We offer all current languages in all business fields.

Fields of expertise

Our fields of expertise in detail:

Technical translations

Aerospace technology, electronic engineering, filling machines, IT, measuring instruments, mechanical engineering, metal cutting, traffic engineering, vehicle manufacturing, waste disposal and recycling

Legal translations

Contracts, judgements etc. (see also certified translations)

Economics and finance

Balance sheets, trade register excerpts, tax and business consulting etc.


Covering letters, diagnostic findings, laboratory examinations, pharmaceuticals etc.

Services sector

Personnel management, communication, insurance companies, financial and management services companies

Miscellaneous translations

Tourism, food industry, cosmetics, sports & leisure ...just to mention a few fields SWS Sprachendienst has successfully specialized in during many years in the translation industry.

Yet this is not enough for us:
The team of SWS Sprachendienst is always happy to take on new projects. New fields of expertise and the extension of specialist knowledge are daily challenges we gladly accept.

Certified translations

Official translations which have to be presented to authorities, offices, courts, notaries etc. need to be certified. Translators who are publicly appointed and sworn by law are authorized to certify their translations. They confirm the accuracy and check the completeness of their work by signing the translated document, using a specific note of authenticity and a stamp or seal.

The translations of the following documents often need to be certified:

  • Birth, marriage and death certificate, last will and testament, certificate of naturalization
  • School certificates, university diploma, job references, certificate of good conduct )
  • Driver's license, identity card, passport
  • Court decisions and other kinds of contracts
  • Pension approval certificate, income statement

Proofreading, Editing and Localization

To make sure you or your customers receive accurate translations a second person will control all the texts translated. This person was not involved in the translation process and is therefore able to check these texts regarding the linguistically relevant context with “fresh and unprejudiced eyes”.

Are you interested in having your texts


Orthography, punctuation, syntax


Linguistic understanding, content, correct translation


Correct transfer in and adaption to the country-specific foreign environment

Send them to us and we will have a closer look at your documents.
We also offer this service in our "product range".


Languages from A to Z

Albanian – Arabic – Belarusian – Bosnian – Bulgarian – Cambodian – Chinese – Croatian – Czech – Danish – Dari - Dutch – English – Estonian – Farsi - Finnish – French – German - Georgian – Greek – Hebrew – Hindi – Hungarian – Icelandic – Italian – Japanese – Korean – Kurdish – Latin – Latvian - Lithuanian – Macedonian – Norwegian – Pashto – Polish – Portuguese – Romanian – Russian – Serbian – Slovak – Slovenian – Spanish – Thai – Turkish – Ukrainian – Urdu – Vietnamese - Zhuang.